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2007 Vintage Port: Croft, Quinta do Noval, Romaneira

Tasted absurdly young, in June of 2010. I find when tasting Ports this young, it makes sense to taste them over 3+ days, so I opened all three bottles at once!

Overall: These wines were tasted over 4 days, loosely corking them between tastings and storing them at 55 degrees in the cellar. Day 4 was similar to day 3 so there are no specific notes from day 4.

Croft Vintage Port 2007:

Overall: 91 Points - outstanding, but not fantastic

Nearly opaque in color.

Day 1: The nose has lots of dense dark fruit, Vics VapoRub, graphite

Almost painful in intensity. Almost super ripe. Hints of dates. Very round and big, almost furry, in the mouth

Day 2: Similar to day 1 but certainly  not painful, quite a bit of fun actually

Day 3: Nose: Some dense fruit buried in

Big fruity and fun tasting. This barely tastes serious, but eventually some smooth and serious tannins arise from the very long finish.

Quinta do Noval Vintage Port 2007:

Overall: 95 Points - this is one Port to lay down for a long time. utterly wonderful.

Unlike the 2007 Croft which is nearly opaque, this is entirely opaque and visually much more concentrated

Day 1: The nose is pretty closed: cool and almost slightly alcoholic

Tongue coating and intense yet pleasurable.

Day 2: Rich, thick, and decadent, yet not showing it's full colors. Certainly an aristocratic feel on palate as well as a killer yet reticent nose. This shows immense potential.

Day 3: Nose - grapes, talcum, a slight whiff of alcohol. Nice  but not forthcoming.

Beautiful long mouth feel. Plenty of rich and round tannins. Much  more  grape, primarily purple in taste, than Day 1 or 2. In a word, this tastes "Regal"

Romaneira VIntage Port 2007

Overall: 88 Points - Very good and lots of fun, but more like an LBV than a serious Vintage Port. Drinking well today.

Almost opaque like the Croft. I am not familiar with this producer and do not recall ever seeing them before. This was substantially cheaper than the Croft or Quinta do Noval as well.

Day 1: Cool and sophisticated on the nose with a little alcohol.

Tasty, concentrated fruits, perhaps plums and other dark purple and red fruits. Rather accessible unlike the other two, although the nose is reticent. This is great right out of the bottle!

I'm amazed at how well this drinks. I would serve this today and see no reason to cellar it for a couple of decades, at least based on my first nights experience.

Day 2: This seems like a really good Late Bottled Vintage, or LBV Port. It's really good, but is it vintage quality?

Day 3: Nose: A little isopropyl alcohol, graphite, and baby powder. Still not a lot on the nose, although some definite fruit, red, black, and purple, coming through. Maybe a bit of dates too.

It's still quite tasty. Sweet and easy, but some nice tannins sneaking through. This is starting to taste like a more serious Vintage Port as opposed to a less serious (as in cheaper and good for short term thrills) LBV. But it certainly still lacks the pedigree of the Croft and Quinta do Noval.

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