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Vincent Girardin Meursault Les Perrieres 1999

Tasting Note (TN) May 31 2010 - 92 points out of 100

Basics: Meursault is an area in Burgundy, meaning France, renown for their white wines. The white wines are almost exclusively made of chardonnay (although some other grapes are allowed for white wines by law but rarely used, like Aligoté and Pinot Blanc).

Some red wine, very little, is grown in Meursault, although red wine is very common and famous in Burgundy, specifically Pinot Noir. Some of the world's  most expensive and famous wines come from Burgundy.

At 11 years old, this is ready to drink but will probably improve with age depending on your tastes. Unlike chardonnay grown in most areas, white Burgundy lives a long life.

The best white burgs are officially "Grand Crus" are quite expensive. This is one notch below, a "Premier" or "1er" cru, as all wines from the Les Perrieres vineyard are, and this is one 1er cru that many believe deserves Grand Cru status because it's that good.

Meursault is not my favorite region for whites in Burgundy, coming behind Corton Charlemagne, and the Montrachets, but I like Meursaults a very lot, especially Les Perrieres and Genevrières.

Color: Light straw yellow

Nose: Starts as a melange of tropical fruits, with tangerine, lemon/lime, and honeydew melon among the mix. Maybe some cantaloupe too. Minerals start to emerge with air. A very pleasant nose that I'd be happy to smell all night (hey wait, I did smell this all night!). After about an hour distinct gravel notes emerge on the nose.

Palate: Good mouth pucking acidity, but not too intense, with a taste much like the nose, including tangerine and other citrus. Minerals, sandstone, and white flowers emerge as it breathes. Slightly buttery, which is common with Meusaults. Some nice earthy and well integrated oaky flavors as the wine warms a bit.

This is a truly lovely wine and a pleasure to drink. I'm happy to have 3 bottles left, and although delightful by itself, I bet this would go extremely well with a simple pasta dish too. Perhaps just pasta with olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

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