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Wine Tasting Notes

Here are some notes from a few wines I've tasted. Eventually I'll organize them better, but for now they are just kind of mixed. I've also added some information on the wines themselves, like the vineyards they came from etc. A lot of this is from research I've done while having a glass, or sometimes just interesting tidbits I happen to know.

Some of these are common everyday wines you can pick up inexpensively almost anywhere, and some of these are expensive and rarer wines you either bought a while back and cellared (which just means stored in a cool dark place until they were ready to drink.

My tasting notes on great cheap wines should be easy for anyone to understand. Some of the higher end wines may be a little more complicated because sometimes I compare them to other similar types of wine you may or may not be familiar with.

Now none of this stuff is high faluting anything. We are talking fermented grape juice here! It's intended to drink and have fun while drinking - that's all.

Chateau Maltroye Chassagne Montrachet La Dent de Chien 1999 -Tasted May 2010

Vincent Girardin Meursault Les Perrieres 1999 -Tasted May 2010

Neillon Chassagne Montrachet Les Champgains 1996 - Tasted mid-June 2010 

2003 Bordeaux, lots of them -Tasted June 2010

Delaforce Colheita 86, 79, 52 - tasted December 1998

Croft 2007, Quinta Do Noval 2007, Romaneira 2007 - tasted June 2010