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Antique Wine Opener

Wine openers have been around forever or actually since the late 17th century, with 100s of patents issued.

Obviously at least hundreds of different styles of wine openers, primarily variants on the corkscrew, have been invented, developed, produced, and sold. Many of these older antique wine openers still exist and are still functional.

My friend David Miller, a displaced Canadian in Hong Kong and at least partially responsible for my interest in wine, had a few older ones he had bought at auction and I must say they were pretty fascinating!

There is so much interest in antique wine openers that not only can you often find them at auction, but there are lots of books on this very topic. Click Here to see the available books.

The Ultimate Corkscrew Book is a popular book with over 700 color photographs and 3600 illustrated and documented examples, many of which are from the authors personal  collection. Author Donald A. Bull shows his massive collection through examples of various types of wine openers including eclectic corkscrews, figural corkscrews, corkscrew knives, and plenty of miscellaneous. Current market values are included as well.

Clearly the work of a rabid and nearly insane collector, it's worth getting just for the pictures!

Besides true antique wine openers, there are plenty of look alikes or reproductions available, many quite nice and functional.

One popular example is the Rogar Estate Wine Opener. It's a replica of the Champion Cork Removal System which was patented and produced in the late 1800s. It's fast and beautiful, and has a design of grapevines and grapes. You can mount it on a table or bar or use it with the optional stand, and it's available in several finishes including antique bronze and pewter.

There are other popular antique reproduction wine openers made. You can see them here: Antique Wine Openers on Amazon.

I like wine openers personally, and have a small collection (which is growing!).