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co2 Wine Opener

A co2 wine opener is a gas powered wine opener, not gas as in gasoline like we put in our cars, but co2 from small cylinders. co2 is the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide, the gas we exhale.

These openers have a needle you insert through the cork, you release a charge of co2 usually with a push button, and the cork pops out. Pretty neat, especially since many casual wine drinkers occasionally have problems with traditional corkscrews. Hey, even waiters and waitresses sometimes have trouble with corks and corkscrews!

I first ran across one of these at a wine dinner at a friend’s house in California. Not only did we all think it was neat, but everyone wanted a chance to open a wine bottle with it. I can’t remember what wines we drank, although I’m sure they were great, but I remember the wine opener!

The co2 doesn’t affect the taste of the wine and I can confirm that. Each gas cartridge will typically open over 50 to perhaps a 100 wine bottles, which will last the average person quite a while.

I do suggest buying a couple of extra gas cartridges when you purchase one simply because the first one will eventually run out, and there may not be replacement cartridges available quickly and conveniently in your local area.

The most popular and the only one I'm familiar with is the Cork Pops Original Wine Bottle Opener. It's about $20, easy to use and clean, and each co2 cartridge opens about 60 bottles.

Users comments are very positive, including "cork pops out immediately sounding like a champagne bottle. It really is quite the thing," "This is hands down the best way to get a bottle of wine open," and "easiest opener ever." To read complete user's reviews, click here.

Is a co2 opener for you? If you like gadgets, drink wine and find removing corks annoying or difficult, and don't mind occasionally buying a replacement cartridge, this might be just the one for you. Then again, some friends love it just for its wow value!