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Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Most wine bottles are closed by corks, and taking a cork out can take some doing, but really isn't that hard for most people, especially with a little practice.

So who really needs an electric wine bottle opener anyway?

Lets step back a little. Wine started being sealed with cork in the 17th century, and that was a great discovery, as wine didn't need to be drunk quickly before it oxidized and went bad anymore. Most wine is still sealed with natural cork, although there is a very slow trend to switch over to artificial or fake cork as well as screw caps. Screw caps are easy to take off, so we'll ignore those in our discussion.

Believe it or not, there have been 100s of patents issued, in multiple countries, since the 1700s for wine opening devices.

I have no trouble opening most any bottle of wine with a simple corkscrew, whether it's on my trusted Swiss Army knife, a dedicated simple corkscrew, or a more complex and neat wine opener gadget. But I'm also young, able to bike 150  miles in day, and jump over tall buildings with ease. Give me 30 or 40 years and we'll see. If I'm old and fragile, or perhaps have arthritis in my hands like many people, I may need help opening bottles. It's certainly tougher for my father. And I doubt my great grant aunt Sue, 97 years old in a few days, can open a wine bottle easily. And my petit friend Karen probably weights all of 80 pounds, certainly less than 100 pounds, and although quite fit and strong for her size, opening a bottle of wine with a manual device is tough for her.

An electric wine bottle opener is ideal for many people who can use a little help. Maybe not me or you today, but perhaps in a few years or maybe while recovering from an injury or surgery.

There are several electric wine bottle openers available.

One of the most popular is the Oster Wine Opener, which is a cordless unit that recharges on it's base which plus into the wall. It's under thirty dollars and widely available. The Peugeot Electric Corkscrew and Brookstone Electric Automatic Wine Opener are other more expensive options. The Peugeot is expensive at about US$120 and the Brookstone is in the US$40 range.

There are also gas powered options for those who have difficulty, some of which are powered by disposable carbon dioxide cartridges, although I prefer an electric wine bottle opener like the Oster. Good Housekeeping and others actually say gas powered types of wine openers are dangerous,  whereas I haven't seen any warnings on electric wine bottle openers. Still be careful and stay safe!

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