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Good Cheap Wine!

No surprise, I love wine. I drink wine with meals quite often, almost daily, and I consider it a good and healthy thing to so. I also love many expensive wines: Lafite, Latour, Dom Perignon, Penfolds Grange, Cristal, and most of the best wines of the world.

But I'm not rich, and I only drink these on special occasions. Fortunately the wine world today is awash is a sea of pretty good inexpensive wine, and some of these are great, cheap, widely available, and consistent from year to year, as in vintage doesn't matter much - you can ignore it!

Here are some of my consistent good cheap wine values you can probably find locally and for not much money:

Columbia Crest in Washington: These guys make a bunch of great wine I get locally for $11 and less a bottle. Their Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon rocks as does their Merlot, and their Two Vines Chardonnay and Shiraz are wonderful and even cheaper. Everything they make is really good!

Falesco in Italy: They make a wonderful red called Umbria Vitiano. It's about $10 locally, and a smooth supple red with plenty of character. About 1/3 Merlot, 1/3 Cab Sauvignon, a nd 1/3 Sangiovese, I've gone though dozens of cases.

Freixenet, a Spanish Sparkling wine: Got bubbles?

Georges Duboeuf, French food friendly reds: These are widely available and all of his wines are good, year in and year out.

Rosemont, from Australia: A wide selection of wines, Red, white, and all great deals and great wines.

Well imagine my surprise when I found a book that included all my favorites listed above, and more. In fact 147 timeless bargains - many of which I never tried most of which were easily were available locally for around 10 bucks and under!

Fool-proof Wine Values is a great short guide on wine  with 147 wines like I ones I list above! In fact I gave my mother in law a copy so she'll serve me better wines when I visit - and it's working.

You can also get the free Living It Up on a Budget: 23 Wines That Deliver Outstanding Quality for $10 or Less.

This is an amazing time for wine lovers. Modern viniculture practices and global warming has resulted in an ocean of really good wine, and this book (and Free Report) help you get the best values.

The bonus report, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Buying and Enjoying Wine in Restaurants…But Were Afraid to Ask!” really blew me away too. I never understood or felt comfortable with buying wine in restaurants before.

Click Here to check it out and get the free report on 23 kickbutt bargain wines. You'll be glad you did!