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Houdini Wine Opener

The Metrokane Houdini Wine Opener is very similar to the popular Metrokane Rabbit Wine opener and operates pretty much the same. It's a screwpull wine opener and costs a bit less than the Metrokane Rabbit.

You can usually find it for under US$30, although list price is around $40 for most models.  You should need to pay full retail, as it's sold by many online dealers and department stores for less. My local Kohls carries it as does Target and a few others, at least around Christmas time as they are popular gifts. Read on for out Houdini Wine Opener review.

Houdini Wine OpenerJust like the Rabbit, you lower the lever to raise the corkscrew, close the rabbit ear like handles on the neck of the wine bottle, and then raise and lower the handle. Presto, chango, alakazaam the cork is removed. And yes, the Houdini is named after famous magician Harry Houdini.

The Houdini comes in several colors, including black, blue, red or silver (see all the colors here). The gears are made of metal although the handles are polycarbonate (which means plastic).

It comes with a foil cutter that works efficiently to remove foil wraps on wine bottles.

The spiral screw is same as for the Rabbit, and expected to last for approximately a thousand bottles. The Houdini reportedly can open 20,000 bottles before wearing out, assuming a few spiral screw changes, which probably means a lifetime. It comes with a 5 year warranty just in case (compared to the 10 year guarantee of the Rabbit). Yes, Houdini Wine Opener parts are available.

Most users like it a lot, but nothing is universally popular. most of the complaints are for older models, and the ones made in 2008 and beyond have far fewer complaints. It does take a little force to use, and the directions are poor although it's not hard to figure out for most people. You can always check out a Houdini Wine Opener video on YouTube showing it and see the Houdini in use although that should be unnecessary for most people, although interesting if you are considering buying one.

Overall, most people like it and think it's pretty cool.

Metrokane also makes other wine accessories including The Rabbit Wine Opener, the Wing Machine Corkscrew, and Champagne pliers for removing Champagne corks.

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