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Wine Openers and Wine Accessories

Best Wine Opener - What is the best wine opener? Well, it depends  . . .

Rabbit Wine Opener - The Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener, one of the most popular out there

Houdini Wine Opener  - Also extremely popular, including as a gift. Similar to the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener but slightly cheaper

Screwpull Wine Opener  - The old standby, a corkscrew with levers. The Rabbit and Houdini are examples.

Oster Wine Opener - A popular electric model

Electric Wine Opener - Great for those who need a little help with opening wine bottles, for example people with arthritis and elderly folks.

Automatic Wine Opener - One that requires no human extertion to remove the cork, for example an electric or co2 powered model.

Antique Wine Opener - There are lots of beautiful antique openers available!

co2 Wine Opener - The "neato" gas powered option

Zyliss Wine Opener - Zyliss has been making hand held kitchen tools for 50 years or so.

Tabletop Wine Opener - Simply a larger wine opener that sits on a tabletop, often as a spectacular addition to your kitchen or to a wine cellar.

Cork Puller – Ah So Wine Opener - Ah, So that's how it works. One of the standards in my toolkit.

Wine Tasting Notes - A few wines I've tasted and written up.