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Oster Wine Opener

The Oster Wine Opener is an electric cork removing device. It has a stand/base that plugs into the wall, and the cordless wine opener sits on it. It includes a foil cutter to remove foil capsules from the top of the wines.

The Oster Wine Opener can open about 30 bottles on one charge and requires no physical effort. It costs about $20 to $30, depending on the model, more for some models that come with additional accessories like a wine chiller. It has a "ergonomically designed soft grip handle" which feels pretty good, at least in my hands.

OK, let's be serious, who the hell needs an electric wine opener? Certainly not most people, although the unit is well received even from people who receive it as a gift and are initially skeptical. It is ideal for some people, for example people with arthritis, elderly folks who might have trouble opening wine bottles (and many do), and a friend tells me a particularly small midget he knows swear by it.

This is a good product, although it's not for me. It's popular, works well, but not necessary for most people. It does take some counter space, and I simply don't have any spare counter space nor do I need "electric" help opening wine bottles. However I am considering buying one for a somewhat elderly friend of mine who likes win but does have trouble opening wine bottles.

It gets a thumbs up for gadget freaks and people who need help opening wine bottles, for example arthritis sufferers.

Oster also makes a range of food and beverage related products, including coffee makers, juicers, blenders, bread makers, wafflemakers, and much more.

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