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Rabbit Wine Opener

The Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener is a very popular screwpull wine opener that costs around 30 to 40 dollars depending on which accessories it comes from. Don't pay full retail, which can be over $100! The Rabbit Wine Opener is available deeply discounted many places, including online at Amazon and others.

It's very easy to use and removes a cork easily in about 3 seconds, as "quick as a rabbit." I often use one at my mother-in-law's house and it works flawlessly.

To use it, after removing the foil capsule from the top of the wine bottle, you lower the lever which raises the screw, close the "rabbit ear like" wine bottle gripper handles on the neck of the bottle holding firmly, and then in one motion raise and then lower the handle. Presto, the cork is removed. Removing the cork from the Rabbit Wine Opener is similarly easy.

Some versions come in a handy case and include a foil cutter to cut the foil that covers moist corks, a drip-stop ring to help prevent drip when pouring wine, a wine/champagne sealer, and a spare spiral screw in case it gets damaged or breaks. The spiral screw is expected to last for about a thousand bottles, which is a few years for some folks and a lifetime for others.

It comes in various colors, currently silver and black, makes a nice gift, has a ten year warranty, is made of polycarbonate and reinforced nylon, and folds fairly small to fit in a draw or other storage spot.

Most people who try it like it a lot, but as with all products, there are some complaints. Some complain that the all plastic handles (polycarbonate and reinforced nylon) feel chintzy and I've heard one report of it breaking, and a few people think the included foil cutter is cheap and doesn't work well. It does take a little force to use, although very very little in my experience, and a very few people comment negatively on that. Directions are also lacking, although it's  not hard to figure out for most. If you're totally confused check out the videos on YouTube.

Overall? It's a nice piece of machinery and most people like it and think it's pretty cool. We certainly give it a thumbs up!

Metrokane also makes other wine openers including a Vertical "Rabbit Lever Style" Corkscrew, the Wing Machine Corkscrew, and similar Houdini Wine Opener.

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