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Screwpull Wine Opener

Most wine is sealed shut with a cork, either natural or artificial, and the cork obviously must be removed before drinking the wine. Unlike a screwcap or other type of seal, a tool is required to remove the cork.

Simple corkscrews work, although they require some strength and maybe a bit of practice. There is a significant strain placed on the hands as you need to rotate the corkscrew multiple times to penetrate the cork well, and then  pull it out which can be somewhat difficult. Maybe this is why there have been many patents issued for wine opening devices since the 17th century? , and may not be appropriate for the aged or disabled.

The term "screwpull wine opener" is often used to describe a corkscrew which has levers and gears, making impaling and removing the cork the cork much easier. The Rabbit and Houdini Wine Openers are examples and they remove the cork in one easy motion..

There are also much fancier (and expensive) screwpull wine openers, such as the Rogar Antique Pewter Champion Wine Opener which can be clamped to a table or other surface or used with an optional granite or hardwood stand.

Screwpull wine opener is typically used to describe a manually operated wine opener. There are also electric and air powered models available.

You can find all sorts of wine openers by perusing the pages here. Many wine aficionados, like myself, own numerous styles and types, and they make good gifts too.

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