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Tabletop Wine Opener

A tabletop wine opener is simply a larger wine opener that sits on a tabletop, often connected to it.

It can be a spectacular addition to any kitchen décor or to a wine cellar table, and just the fact that you dedicate space for it indicates you are serious about wine. It may sit on a heavy non slip base, be attached to the table via a clamp or even suction cups.

Many of these openers are quite attractive, and of course you can remove them from the table when not in use. They are great for wine themed parties like wine tastings and wine and cheese parties and the advantages include that they are easy to use, whereas a standard corkscrew takes some skill, and as they are tabletop models, no one needs to be searching around saying,” who has got the corkscrew?”

There are popular models from Rogar, Brookstone, Quest, and Wine Enthusiast amoung others. I cannot recommend the Quest model as there are many online reports of it breaking very easily, although I haven't used one myself.

The Estate Wine Opener Set from Rogar is a characteristic example, as it's functional, beautiful, and ornate. It's actually a reproduction of the "Champion Cork Removal System" which was patented in 1897 (there have been well over 100 patents issued for wine openers though the years). Think of it as 19th Century design with 21st century internal improvements. It features a design of grapevines and grape clusters. Its built with a table stand of hardwood and steel,  which makes it easy to pickup and move or put away for storage when not in use as it's not clamped or otherwise attached to your table.

Most owners love it, several starting it's a fixture in their house, and people love that it can uncork as well as recork bottle - certainly an added plus.

The Connoisseur's Countertop Wine Opener is another popular option, this one from Brookstone. Brookstone of course makes all kinds of neat gadgets and is a personal favorites of my wife. It has an easy-grip lever which is simple to use by anybody, a lustrous chrome finish, and a easy-lock suction system that securely attaches it to a table, bar, or other surface. It's easy to clean and come with an extra wine opening worm - each worm is good for opening about 1000  bottles.

One last one we'll look at is in the budget category but is well received. The Legacy Corkscrew Stand is about $30 and you need to purchase their legacy corkscrew separately. It is a good looking birch wood table stand for Legacy Corkscrew. It's well  received but some people complain about the difficultly in assembling it and the quality of the screws.

When I build my new wine cellar, I plan to include a table in the design, and have a tabletop wine opener permanently on it.