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Zyliss Wine Opener

I must own literally five or six Zyliss Wine Openers. Zyliss is a Swiss company that has been making handheld kitchen tools for over 50 years, including can openers, cheese graters/slicers, peelers, garlic presses, and of course wine openers among many other things.

It’s a very simple corkscrew in a round plastic housing. You place it over the wine bottle top/cork, and just turn. No need to pull the cork up manually. It also has a built in foil cutter which cuts any capsule without any extra steps.

Its centering ring reduces friction and helps prevents cork particles from falling into theZyliss Wine Opener wine, and it’s available in many colors (I’ve just got the black ones – my wife got them on a closeout somewhere).

User reviews include comments like “This is one of the best corkscrews around for the price” and “It works so well.”

There is also some debate as to whether you can legally carry this one onto an airplane. Since the corkscrew is in the center tube that may be the case, and several people report boarding planes with it with no problems.

Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to find. Amazon carries the Zyliss Wine Opener (also known as the Zyliss corkscrew) but is currently out of stock and they may never have it in stock again. In fact it may be discontinued, although you can find one somewhat easily of you poke around online, at least as of this writing.

A similar wine opener that is widely available is the OXO Steel CorkPull Wine Opener/Corkscrew. I'm a big OXO kitchen tool fan as is my wife, and judging from user remarks this one is a winner although I haven't used it (I've never met an OXO anything I didn't love). Comments include "Best Cork Screw Made."

Click Here to see the full reviews. If the Zyliss is in fact discontinued as it appears to be, the OXO looks like an awesome replacement!